My Existence Online

David Pollard

web developer and designer

92872189s AGO

I started my first web job. Initially, expecting it to be a short term thing, I soon became absorbed in all things web.

65,740,000s AGO

My director/friend/mentor moved on to greater things, and I inherited responsible for web design and development on 30+ sites ... scary!

31,567,000s AGO

A new employer offered me an opportunity. I took the job, because I would have the chance to work with many smart people that I could learn from.

28,930,000s AGO

The challenge tasked to me was creating the company's first mobile ready landing pages, with all the tools needed for lps. At first, I was surprised, then I was nervous, because lps are the main source of revenue. With the support of art directors, the end result was excellent!

15,780,000s AGO

The mobile lps worked well, but it was time to redesign all the websites to be mobile first. Working within the major limitations of the Umbraco CMS, my art director and I developed templates for all school websites, including Notre Dame.

Cenozoic Era

Over the past few million seconds I have done freelance and side projects. For me, these projects are an opportunity to be a bit more expressive. Please check out all my recent projects!