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CSS Accordion

Below is an accordion that was created with css and html, no javascript or jquery required. The accordion uses the :target psuedo element in the css to target certain divs. There is also a target fix to avoid any jump when an anchor is selected. See the Pen CSS Accordion by pollardld (@pollardld) on CodePen.

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Writing media queries with SASS can save you a lot of time and lines of code. Also, edits will be easy to implement. First we set our global variables. $i is the starting point, as i dont need media queries for 10 pixel screen. $x is our base em size. $i: 20; $x: 16; For […]

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Animated Search

The maginfy glass will move from right to left when search is in its focus state. Pretty easy to do. Just add your search input, use a background data uri, and transition its position on focus. Thats it. Check it out See the Pen Animated Input Search by pollardld (@pollardld) on CodePen

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