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not to be confused with manfeasting which would be cannibalism. Here is an awesome map from wikimedia showing the spread of human cannibalism.

And here is an excellent video depicting a mantis which is a cannibal while mating


Firefox OS is badass, and I want it for my phone. It is even more badass how easy it is to make an html5 web app into a firefox app.

I learned about this little trick from this blog post by David Walsh on Tech Pro. The trick is a massively complex 31 line file you name manifest.webapp and included on your server! Here are all 31 lines, and just by looking you will be like “What the fuck is going on? This makes no sense!” Some of the lines you don’t even need (that is if you would like to ignore the fact that firefox os is currenlty available in Venezuela, Poland, Brazil, Portugal and Spain).

Now, lettuce cache that ish. The goal here is to allow the user to access the app when they have no internet connection. To do this, create an example.appcache file, and add the attribute manifest to the html tag. Here is the one i used:

<html manifest="manifest.appcache">. For much more information on this go to the mozilla dev site

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