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not to be confused with manfeasting which would be cannibalism. Here is an awesome map from wikimedia showing the spread of human cannibalism. And here is an excellent video depicting a mantis which is a cannibal while mating BUT LETS START THIS MANIFESTING PARTY!!! Firefox OS is badass, and I want it for my phone. […]

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This is just a simple use of the html5 audio element. All you really need is an audio file in a web format (.ogg, .mp3, …), and then use the audio element. see source code for details. Special thanks to wikipedia for having the exact audio clip i need for the image below. Your browser […]

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80s Stock

80s Stock is a tumblr blog I made from old stock images that I found in the archive folder at my place of employment, I wont say which one, lol. Check it out, some of the shit I found is priceless

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Pinterest Pinning…? Not exactly something I had anticipated doing, but i was asked so i gave it a go. Pinterest provides some good tools for pinning a single image that is directed to a single page. What I needed to do was to have the pinterest pin on the featured image, that was on the […]

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Writing media queries with SASS can save you a lot of time and lines of code. Also, edits will be easy to implement. First we set our global variables. $i is the starting point, as i dont need media queries for 10 pixel screen. $x is our base em size. $i: 20; $x: 16; For […]

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