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SVG Animation

A pipe billow svg animation I created. Originally it looked like a snake chanter and cobra, but with design input from charlene foote, it now looks awesome! See the Pen Pipe Billow SVG Animation by pollardld (@pollardld) on CodePen

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CSS Animation Axis

mixin takes width, height and color, then fixes the animation axis to the top left. This could be done for any axis point, and further mixins could be made to expand on this idea. co-developed with Thom Griggs See the Pen titanis walleri by pollardld (@pollardld) on CodePen

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Animated Search

The maginfy glass will move from right to left when search is in its focus state. Pretty easy to do. Just add your search input, use a background data uri, and transition its position on focus. Thats it. Check it out See the Pen Animated Input Search by pollardld (@pollardld) on CodePen

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