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The Maps

This is a mapbox map with locations loaded in legend. Clicking a location will pan the map to that location and open its popup. The location’s title will open that location in google maps, for directions. I made this map for a client who needed locations on a map for enrollment purposes. The cool bit […]

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Node.js Server

Node.js as a server using Hapi framework I have been wanting to dive into node.js for a while and I finally did this week. Using Hapi as a framework I was able to start up a simple server for static files. After reading through a bit of the node.js documentation, I decided it would be […]

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Pinterest Pinning…? Not exactly something I had anticipated doing, but i was asked so i gave it a go. Pinterest provides some good tools for pinning a single image that is directed to a single page. What I needed to do was to have the pinterest pin on the featured image, that was on the […]

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Road Trip

Road Trippin – Tampa to Vegas

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