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David Pollard

web developer and designer



Floriduh is my favorite side project. Floriduh is where I tell "important" true stories about Florida. My goal is to, in a fun way, tell stories about Florida's animals, history, and environment. The stories I tell are all things that people in Florida should know, but probably do not. I use some animation, scroll effects, and curse words to enhance the stories.

NCDOT Bike Plan | NCDOT Bike Routes

Project creating bike plan site for the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and bike routes site. The bike routes site highlights the state operated bike paths in North Carolina. The bike routes site also has a trip planner that allows visitors to explore a custom trip. The bike plan site states North Carolina's intent to expand the number of bike projects in the state. The bike plan site also supplys information on the benefits and reasons why a bike plan is important.

Mark Morford

Mark Morford is a freelance writer and culture critic for the San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate. Chris Fettin gave the me the opportunity to develop his awesome design. The site uses the isotope library along with infinite scroll to give the client a filter for posts. We are also CRON creating posts using the APIs of Twitter and Instagram and also the RSS feed for SFGate. There are other cool functionalities in play as well!

Notre Dame

Notre Dame is one of the many websites I worked on while at Bisk Education. I choose Notre Dame as an example, because it was one of the largest and most complex. The Notre Dame site includes, ecommerce, videos, articles, forms, live chat, and many more moving parts. It was a pleasure working with the team at Bisk. My responsibilities on this site included building the style framework that would need to be scalable and factor in so many moving parts. My Art Director Thom Griggs and I did a job we can be proud of!

Mobile Template

A lot of Research & Development went into designing and developing the first mobile ready page for Bisk. I had never made something that would need to be used over and over again by other people of different skill levels, so I had a bit of a learning curve. But, with the help of my Art Directors I was able to pull it off, and learned a lot about the importance of using best practices, writing clean code, and thinking about others who may have to use my code without me there to explain it.

RO Style

A freelance project for the hair stylists team at RO Styles. I was brought on board to do the Javascript and jQuery. We added some cool scroll effects using the waypoints jQuery plugin.

Pillar and Peacock

A freelance project for the interior decorating team of Pillar and Peacock. I was in charge of the web development including Wordpress, PHP, SCSS, HTML, Javascript and jQuery.